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Skipton Building Society


Skipton Building Society is the fourth largest building society in the world and their call centre experiences high call volumes frequently. Callers had to wait on hold for long periods of time throughout most of the day – resulting in disgruntled customers, unanswered calls, and lost revenue. There were also periods of idle agent time when queues were empty, thus impacting agent productivity.


They turned to us for support to overcome the challenges by using the OrderlyQ and OrderlyStats packages to improve and monitor the performance of their sales line over a three-week period.

  • Week 1: Measured call statistics with OrderlyStats before introducing OrderlyQ to their call centre.
  • Week 2: Deployed OrderlyQ. Each caller was given an individual estimated waiting time and invited to hang up and call back when their slot is ready, rather than wait on hold. As a result of this more callers got through on the first call, as those who chose to hang up and call back later reduced the size of the on-hold queue – thus ‘flattening out’ peaks and troughs. Through this process call abandonment decreased to just one fifth of its former value with just the basic OrderlyQ system installed.
  • Week 3: We installed the OrderlyDialler add-on. The Dialler calls back callers who have not been answered yet and activates automatically when agent idle time can be found.

At the end of the three week reconnaisance period we compared the before-and-after results using the OrderlyStats reporting tool.


The OrderlyQ system made an incredible difference to the call centre’s performance:

  • OrderlyQ was highly effective in helping the team improve productivity and the number of callers answered significantly increased.
  • OrderlyQ reduced the call abandonment rate by 55%.
  • OrderlyQ also minimised waiting times by almost a third.

With the Orderly Dialler add-on we achieved even better results:

  • The Dialler reduced call abandonment by 39% as some callers did not need to call back in.
  • This also brought down caller abandonment down by a staggering 88%.

OrderlyQ was fast and kept the calls flowing and the queue size down.

Marie, happy agent

I’m very happy with the system. I was told to call back in seven minutes and got through straight away!

Mr. Kearney, satisfied caller

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